Hashbrum is a news project run by MA online journalism students at BCU (for more information on each of them check out ‘The Team’). Our aim is to dig out the neglected news around Birmingham and find new and interesting ways to present it.
We want everyone to contribute to Hashbrum, in any way they feel comfortable. If there’s something you’d like to see on the site don’t hesitate to tell us – and we’ll see what we can do to cover it. You can send us an email, find us at @hashbrum on Twitter or simply comment on the website.

We hope to be as open about how we go about finding and producing news on the site as possible. For that reason, we’ll be publishing a blog about what we’re doing that’ll run alongside the site. We’d love people to comment on that and to give us as much feedback as possible.

Can you help?
Hashbrum hopes to become a sustainable news project. By that we don’t mean we’ll be planting as many trees as we cut down (this is a website, so we’re hoping our use of trees will be minimal). Rather, we hope that by setting up the site we’ll find other, like-minded folk who can lend a hand from time to time. If something is going on in Birmingham that you’d like to tell the world (or at least a few people) about, then please let us know. Similarly, if you’ve taken some brilliant pictures of the city – or a great bit of video – we’d love to hear from you. Again, just mail us, send us a message on Twitter (if you like that sort of thing), or comment on the website.

Hope you enjoy the site!

lex Gamela is a freelance journalist, a media thinker and a reasonable guitar player. He wrote a blog called The Lake | O Lago wich was a huge hit in the noughties. Currently he is doing the MA Online Journalism at Birmingham City University  to enhance his multimedia production skills.

Caroline Beavon is a former radio journalist/presenter (Kerrang Radio, among others) who is now a full time student. She blogs at, DJ’s at the Actress and Bishop in Birmingham and likes loud rock music.

Dan Davies is the former Editor and Founder of Blowback magazine and until recently East Midlands Editor for Metro Newspapers. His back catalogue of other freelance work can be found athis archive site which is also home to his Silver Skins podcast.

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