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Online Journalism by Board Room

When it comes to online journalism by the board portal software, you are not alone. Most of us are used to getting news from the internet, but few of us are able to do the job and keep up with the ever changing information sources. We may not be able to keep up with it because […]

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What are the distinguishing features and development prospects of online journalism

The digital age is characterized by the emergence of new resources and capabilities that simplify consumer access to a huge database and new knowledge in all sectors. Online journalism, which appeared at the end of the 20th century, contributes to the prompt delivery of relevant information to a wide audience, helps to create conditions for […]

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Virtual data rooms are becoming popular amoung online publisher

The times when information was in short supply are long gone. Now we don’t spend much time finding what we need. But unfortunately, there are new problems, when information is sufficient, its processing, storage and security are more important. Internet journalism is gaining momentum Fewer and fewer people buy newspapers, magazines, and watch television because […]

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What are the specifics of online journalism in the modern world

The specifics of online journalism in the modern world Such a concept as online journalism arose at the end of the 20th century when the Internet appeared and began to develop. Since that time, it has become much easier to find out what is happening in any corner of the world. Due to the specifics […]

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Fake News Alarm

Modern wars begin with Twitter, say online journalism. Learn how to protect your media from harmful information by using a digital data room. In order to understand what the result might be due to the symbiosis of politics and the media, it is enough to look at Donald Trump’s Twitter account. In addition, to understand […]

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VDR and Journalism

Not only the business sector can benefit from virtual data rooms, they will now streamline the process of data and journalist sharing. In business, whether you’re fast or dead, and no matter if your life is about design, programming or construction – being able to respond quickly to a situation is sometimes critical to a […]

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Privacy and security

Privacy and security are critical to online journalism, and WDR always supports this. System development with virtual data rooms. Safety in all phases: from product development to daily shutdown of the equipment. VDR has taken all necessary measures to comply with the data protection regulations and the GDPR. Security measures at a very high level […]

Efterklang, The Asylum, Birmingham, 29/10

I didn’t receive the most encouraging response when I announced that I was going to attempt Twitter based audience participation when reviewing the Efterklang gig. Chris Unitt was the first to tweet with ‘Interesting that. Not planning to review this one though – thinking too much (incl afterwards) often detracts from enjoyment.’ This was swiftly followed by […]

The Event Talks: Live blog #theevent09

The Event Talks Saturday 7 November, 2-5pm at Eastside Projects This is a programme of talks looking at the role of the artist led festival within contemporary arts practice. Hashbrum went along to liveblog the event. Speakers include: Katy Woods (Sheffield Contemporary Art Forum) Milika Muritu (Cell Project Space) Chris Brown (a-n and g39) Chaired by Adam […]