Fake News Alarm

Modern wars begin with Twitter, say online journalism. Learn how to protect your media from harmful information by using a digital data room.

In order to understand what the result might be due to the symbiosis of politics and the media, it is enough to look at Donald Trump’s Twitter account. In addition, to understand how the masses can be manipulated when finding and creating news, it is enough to follow national “media brains” and problems of national scale, which may arise due to misinterpretation of information by media companies. And since information is the main lever of power in the post-industrial era, journalists are responsible for communicating objective and truthful facts to readers. We will tell you how a virtual data room can help.

To save materials

Imagine if the data room that holds all the results of a previous financial or legal audit was missing all the documents and fell into the hands of competitors? This would change the direction of the data transfer process from one company to another, and especially the financial side of the issue. Equally important is the safety of journalistic materials to investigate or simply to review overlooked news. That’s why virtual data room developers have created a product that lets you store sensitive files securely and without any chance of being hacked.

 For the security of the financial system

Yes, you read that right. The state of the economy may not be one of the projects of responsible journalism, but if information from an investment banking e-mail room gets into the media, there is a great chance of economic panic in the population. Remember the massive buckwheat and salt buys? Well, then the financial market will then look like a supermarket during the grain hunt. Thanks to vdr providers, journalists can prevent panic from expanding to the epic scale of Podraviansky’s plays.

For personal peace of mind

The problem of “fused” information is a problem that is especially relevant to the circle of journalists and, as often happens, the answers to the question “Who?” Are long sought. Working on the release in an electronic data room, the responsibility for the actions with the files rests with each participant, and the vdr management system monitors everything that happens with the materials stored on the cloud. It turns out that virtual room providers also provide a free tracking option.
Privacy, security, peace of mind are the three key attributes of media companies’ collaboration with data room providers. And in a world where information can turn into weapons, these are pretty good reasons why journalists should try vdr on At least until life.