Products and Services that Boost Business Communications: Virtual Data Room Comparison

To give you the recommendation on using the best products and services that boost business communications we would like to give you the comparison of Firmex Virtual Data Room and FORDATA VDR.

Firmex Virtual Data Room

Description of data room examples with the corporate portal is not limited to the local network. Information from the portal may be available not only for the employees of the company, although the main opportunities are available precisely to the employees of the organization, clients or ordinary users can also use this system. It all depends on the settings. The minimum possible functionality of the corporate portal is a group calendar, file storage, task management, and a wiki encyclopedia.

The main advantages of Firmex Virtual Data Room systems are:

  • formation of a complete common customer base;
  • saving the entire history of the company’s interaction with each client;
  • increasing the efficiency of the commercial department;
  • analysis of customer demand and needs;
  • understanding objections and eliminating weaknesses in working with clients;
  • efficient use of the manager’s working time by automating tasks;
  • system of automatic reminders about the completion of tasks – implementation of loyalty programs.

Besides, some companies may find the effort involved in implementing such guidance disproportionate to the number of asset sales they undertake, but the potential value that such guidance can bring can be a powerful incentive. Nearly every respondent who claims that their most recent asset sale created value also claims to have an officially approved asset sale methodology. However, while each asset sale transaction is unique, many companies believe that they will implement a transaction management methodology that will cover basic principles and practices while providing flexibility to adapt to different circumstances, perhaps.

FORDATA VDR as One of the Best Data Room Examples

FORDATA VDR is software that allows employees, customers, and ordinary users access to information from external and internal networks to perform certain production activities. This information system has the ability to integrate with other software. FORDATA VDR portal is software that performs the functions of a “virtual office” that enables employees to exchange information and documents, as well as facilitates collaboration.

FORDATA VDR performs the functions of a social network, enables employees of the organization to communicate in messengers, keep reports in the form of blogs, organize conversations, discussions, and the like. Let’s take a look at the main advantages of corporate portals. Firstly, this system provides the ability to manage tasks and projects. Any task consists of subtasks that must be assigned to responsible persons and completed at a specific time. Some of the processes performed by employees can be automated by this system. This system can help in sending a vacation request, leave an application for the purchase of office supplies, enable a call reminder, group tasks into a project, assign a recurring task, and the like.

The system allows you to assign roles, determines the person in charge, helps in monitoring the completion of tasks and meeting deadlines. Secondly, the corporate portal has the ability to exercise control and analytics. With an increase in the number of employees, this system will help managers to keep statistics on the efficiency of employees and analyze the work of the department. The system allows you to simplify the complex analysis of . Reports are built on indicators from the portal and presented in the form of clear diagrams