What are the distinguishing features and development prospects of online journalism

The digital age is characterized by the emergence of new resources and capabilities that simplify consumer access to a huge database and new knowledge in all sectors. Online journalism, which appeared at the end of the 20th century, contributes to the prompt delivery of relevant information to a wide audience, helps to create conditions for interesting leisure time.

A steady news project is especially popular: it includes a plan (an urgent problem), various means of its implementation (interviews, reviews, analytical articles, etc.) and expected results (formation of citizens’ position on socially important issues, strengthening a certain worldview, increasing cultural and educational level, the formation of mass consciousness).

The hallmarks of online journalism

Online media differ from traditional media outlets by the following criteria:

  1. Relevance and selectivity: information changes hourly, sometimes – every minute.
  2. Interactivity: instead of the usual interaction between two people, the chains “reader – computer”, “man-machine – vis-a-vis” are established.
  3. The ability to store an unlimited amount of information. The data provider provides reliable archiving of editorial materials sorted by topic or date, so forgotten news can be easily found in the corporate cloud for analysis or systematization of events.
  4. Multimedia involves a symbiosis of traditional and innovative means of data transfer: text, photo, sound, videos, animation.
  5. Multifunctionality consists of a variety of forms of communication: simultaneous and asynchronous, interactive and selective, public and private.

Online journalism contributes to the individualization of the field. There are interesting media thinkers, leading their own blogs, YouTube channels. To conduct journalistic activities, Internet publishers do not need large funds or the mandatory official status of the media. These factors contribute to the development of online journalism.

What will help organize activities

Search and production of news involves the use of many online resources. This process can be greatly simplified by using virtual data rooms How it works:

  • Vdr providers offer a secure exchange of information;
  • Several people can access the online data room at the same time, which is important for large publications;
  • No need to install additional software for the data room: one login and password for all recipients;
  • When conducting transactions, the M&A data room guarantees confidentiality.

Intuitive controls, logging in from any modern device, converting when downloading more than 25 document formats, optimal file upload speed makes data room services more and more popular.